There and Not There

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Dunia Kerja

There and Not There

By. Pakde Eky myspace graphic comments

These words are like the momentum for the awareness of individuals – individuals who interact with a bunch of people who socialize with each other. Correlation of “NO and NO” is the placement of conflicting attitudes. This is a fundamental which, if related to the work world, where “NO and NO” is of relevance to the awareness and personal responsibility. myspace graphic comments

If the work is based on the desire for it will arise flattered the word “NO” … why? … If there is a boss then work diligently and vigorously … but if “NO” to work with the boss wants and idleness.

But if it works with the underlying sense of responsibility and sincere then “NO and NO” boss still works fine without any desire for praise.

The conclusion of my writing this brief are:

One’s career success in the job is close to the head. Proximity to the leadership does not mean looking face in front of it or want to be your friend and maybe want to be his girlfriend, but here is the proximity of jointly running the same vision and mission in the absence of conflict. The essence is how we show our work with good results and good professional “NO and NO” our leaders. myspace graphic comments

April, 26 2012

From the depths of the deepest


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