Mother you are like light in the darkness .. by Singgih your son

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Konseling myspace graphic comments

Tonight as usual I can not sleep .., in times like these my thoughts sometimes remembered past and imagined future.

When remembering the past I always thought of the time – my childhood. Where I’m spoiled by my mother..

My mother is a figure that is second to none .. tired mom started when I was in her womb.

If I gave the mountain that contains gold diamond mother to you, it can not pay my debts to you mother. myspace graphic comments

Mom ..I love you

Mom .. My prayers always for you

Mom .. I’m sorry when you’ve hurt your heart

Mom .. do not you tired to continue to pray for me

Mom .. I beg your blessing to everything in life

Mom .. I want to kiss your feet zip

Mom .. I miss your heaven .. myspace graphic comments

Tg.Morawa, July 8, 2011

Your son


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