Lake Toba

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Sarana Prasarana

Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. Located in the province of North Sumatra Indonesia. The uniqueness of this lake lies the island in the middle of this lake. The island is named Samosir. Tribe inhabiting the vicinity of Lake Toba Batak tribe this is that the majority of Christian religion. If you want to get there from the city of Medan trip travel time of 4 hours … pretty tired if you bring the car alone. At that time I brought the car was replaced by a friend in the area Siantar. It’s beautiful scenery on the lake Toba, especially at sunset …. wow … really great, especially at that time there was a rainbow. I do not get bored looking at the blue water of Lake Toba on the hotel which I live. It’s better if you cross to the island of Samosir from Parapat to Tomok pier.

If you bring the car costs Rp.100,000 verry ship, but if you are not driving you can just go up verry ferry passengers at the rate of Rp.3500. Quite cheap right ?.. Do not you leave with no memories at Lake Toba without buying a lot of souvenirs on sale there, like ulos cloth, clothing, and other knickknacks.

Until here I used to tell my experience to Lake Toba. Anyway, you definitely want to come back again ….. Greetings from Singgih Wibowo friendship.

Singgih Wibowo


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